Than Driving School

Provides a “Driving in Thailand” driving course in English for foreigners.

Step 1: Practice at our own standard driving field. Learn how to start the engine, gear changing, turning, using the car equipment, using and control the peddles.
Step 2: Practice on the real road, sharing the road with the others, crossing the intersection, lane changing, overtaking, U- Turn. Every step is under our instructor suggestion.
Step 3: Practice for driving test.

Special Course

4,200 THB.

Auto Course

Auto Gear

10 hrs. 6,000 THB.
12 hrs. 7,000 THB.
14 hrs. 8,000 THB.
20 hrs. 10,000 THB.

Manual Course

Manual Gear

10 hrs. 7,000 THB.
12 hrs. 8,000 THB.
14 hrs. 9,000 THB.
20 hrs. 11,000 THB.


How to apply for driving course.

1. Call to book.
2. Come to register with a passport.
3. Payment.

Dailyopen  09:00 am. – 18:00 pm.

* Our experienced, friendly and English speaking team would support you from start to finish.
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2,000 THB.


Thai driving license renewal.

2 to 5 and 5 to 5 Years.

2,000 THB.


Thai international driving permit.

2,000 THB.


Convert driving license from your country to Thai driving license.

2,000 THB.


Convert International driving permit to Thai driving license.


I highly recommend! Miss Thanz will assist you from learning how to drive until getting a license. She will assist you every step of the way. Very convenient
Very warm and helpful person, I would recommend getting in touch with Thans whenever you need a driving license in Thailand. She is understanding and will find a way to help you out however she can and you can easily converse in English if needed. Highly recommended!
Highly recommended driving school for foreigners! Than and O (not sure if I spelled their names right) speak English really well which made the whole driving lesson very efficient. They definitely helped me from day one until the time that I applied for my driving license. I wouldn't have been able to obtain my Thai driving license if not for them. Really great service!

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566 Phraeksa Rd, Thai Ban Mai, Mueang Samut prakarn 10280, Dailyopen.

Phone : +66 89 797 3735 Ms.Than
ID_Line : thans2017
WhatsApp : 089 797 3735
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